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Amy F.

Amy F.

Salon Owner
I needed money to expand my business and the banks just would not lend to me. I received cash from Working Capital NYC in 3 days! Thank you!!!

How it works

Business Working Capital

Does your small business need working capital to grow? Have you been denied by traditional sources of business funding? This is a common scenario, but one that's easily solved with a Merchant Cash Advance (MCA). At Working Capital NYC we specialize in providing businesses with true alternative financing options. We work with New York City entrepreneurs to help them thrive.

Personal credit history isn't a major hurdle to getting an MCA from us. Instead, we look at your businesses overall health and ability to thrive in the marketplace. Our funding experts know that often times your FICO score has nothing to do with your business’s ability to make a profit. That’s something banks just do not take into account when reviewing your loan application.

A Merchant Cash Advance is a lump sum of cash. We deposit it right into your business bank account, generally within 72 hours of applying! Your business is free to spend the money any way you like. In exchange for this lump sum, Working Capital NYC is purchasing a portion of your business's future sales. We believe the profits you'll make in the days to come represent a huge source of funding for your business, yet most people don't tap into that financial resource. Now you can.

We're ready to discuss your needs and suggest solutions that get you the funding you need without hassles. Access to quick capital is now possible, and once you have it, it's much easier to excel in New York's ever-changing marketplace. Get started now by completing the contact form on this page.

Industries We Fund

Funding the boroughs

New Yorkers face many struggles when running a successful business, don’t let a lack of working capital be one of them. We proudly support New York City based businesses in all 5 boroughs and want to be your trusted funding source!

Looking for a way to fund a new client project? Thinking of hiring additional staff for your busy season? Or maybe it’s time to upgrade your business’ equipment? For whatever the reason, Working Capital NYC is here to provide you the cash you need to achieve your goals.

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