Funding Manhattan Based Businesses

New York City attracts more than 50 million tourists per year, and Manhattan is at the center of it all. For that reason, many entrepreneurs decide to start their own businesses, only to soon realize they need capital to make that worthy dream become a reality. Fortunately, a Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) is a great solution, even for people who have poor personal credit.

Working Capital NYC provides this type of small business funding. We look at the overall health of your business when making a decision to fund. Our funding specialist know that your personal credit in most cases have nothing to do with your business’ ability to grow and produce a profit. A cash advance is a lump sum deposited directly into your bank account in exchange for a share of the business’ future sales. That means you can get the money needed today without hassles of dealing with a bank. Also, a merchant cash advance is a sales transaction, just as if you’d purchased business supplies from a retail store. Because it falls into that category, merchant capital from us does not affect your credit report.

Getting Started

Financial hurdles don’t have to prevent you from moving forward in “The City That Never Sleeps.” Thanks to the fast merchant funding solution provided by Working Capital NYC, you can feel free to keep carrying out the vision for your business and not feel burdened by a lack of finances.

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