Funding Your Construction Company

Because of the large number of hotels, restaurants, and theaters in New York City, construction businesses are in high demand. If you have a construction company but lack the funding that’s necessary to take your company goals to the next level, a merchant cash advance (MCA) can help bridge that financial gap.

Unlike other traditional forms of financing your construction business, an MCA offers quick access to working capital. Successful applicants get a cash advance in a lump sum deposited directly into their bank account. In exchange for a predefined amount of the company’s future sales. Don’t worry, even if you have poor personal credit as it is not a barrier to receiving an MCA. Eligibility is based on the overall health of your business, so personal financial situations are not an issue. There are two major factors involved in getting working capital via an MCA: The length of time your construction business has been operating, and the amount of monthly revenue it generates.

Our method of getting fast funding is straightforward, and the whole process often takes less than 72 hours. There are many ways that a lack of financing can make it difficult for your construction business to grow and thrive. Fortunately, a merchant cash advance from Working Capital NYC can make your anxiety over meeting day to day expenses disappear.

Getting Started

If funding struggles are adversely impacting your business, apply for a merchant cash advance now and start enjoying more financial flexibility. We make it easy to get started, just complete the contact form on this page.

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