Medical & Dental Practice Funding

A New York medical or dental practice can be a business venture that’s rewarding in several ways. First, this type of business encourages New Yorkers to live better, and can even help them manage chronic illness. Also, if care is offered at a reasonable price, it may entice city residents to get the healthcare they need, rather than avoiding scheduling appointments due to cost.

In order to have a well-functioning practice though, you need cash to get the business going. That’s where a merchant cash advance (MCA) from Working Capital NYC can be very useful, especially if your personal credit is not ideal. Unlike other traditional options for small business funding, an MCA does not rely on an applicant’s personal credit history. The health of the business is the main indicator of whether or not an entrepreneur gets the fast funding he or she needs. That’s because an MCA provides the cash in a lump sum in exchange for a predefined amount of the businesses’ future earnings. Collateral is not necessary, and our application process is extremely fast, usually 24 hours or less.

Getting Started

Business capital is a must for any budding company, and an MCA can put your goals of having a thriving healthcare practice within reach. Don’t let a lack of working capital stand in the way of what you believe you can do. Apply for an MCA today and see just how simple it is to get the money your business needs. Start by completing the contact form on this page.

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