Funding Staten Island Based Businesses

New York City is host to millions of visitors and tourist each year, local businesses definitely see that benefit. Like many other business savvy individuals, you are putting your “know-how” to work on Staten Island. With any growing enterprise, owners soon realize that they need a stable source working capital to meet daily needs or expand. If you are thinking about how to fund your business’ next growth spurt, consider a Merchant Cash Advance (MCA). It is a nontraditional source of working capital and can be the perfect solution for entrepreneurs who don’t have time to wait on a bank or who have less than perfect personal credit.

Working Capital NYC wants to be your trusted funding partner. We provide small businesses just like yours access to working capital fast and we love Staten Island based businesses. Our merchant funding experts look at the health of your company, not your personal credit score. We know that an individual’s credit score has very little to do with their business’ ability to produce a profit.

Once approved for an MCA, we deposit a lump sum directly into your bank account in exchange for a predefined amount of the business’ future sales. That means you can start putting the money to work today without hassles of dealing with weeks of bank redtape.

Getting Started

Don’t allow a lack of working capital keep you from moving business forward. Access to fast merchant funding from Working Capital NYC can be a real game changer so don’t wait any longer. We have made it easy to get started, just complete the contact form on this page.

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