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Getting access to business capital is essential if you’re serious about making your business successful in New York City over the long-term. However, most traditional forms of funding take a long time to get, involve lengthy credit checks and supporting documents. A Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) is completely different, and that’s why so many business owners come to Working Capital NYC when they need an infusion of working capital.

Qualifying for a Merchant Cash Advance may be easier than you think. Unlike banks and other traditional lenders, our funding specialist look at the overall health of your business. If you’ve delayed applying for quick capital because you think personal credit issues make you ineligible, don’t despair. We see the value in your hard work and your business’ profit potential. We also know that your personal credit score oftentimes has nothing to do with your business, so it’s not a big factor when applying for an advance from us.

Our Simple Guidelines

  • Your business must have been in constant operation for the past 6 months.
  • Have no intentions of filing bankruptcy.
  • Must generate $10k monthly in sales.

Also, unlike some providers of fast funding, we do not require your business be established for several years before awarding you a cash advance. Even if your business does not accept credit cards, we have several business funding programs that can give you the cash you need to succeed in your chosen industry.

Every business owner’s situation is different, we offer tailored funding products to fit your needs. Don’t wait any longer to access the untapped funding source that is your company’s future receivables. We’ll show you how easy it is to get working capital without dealing with a lengthy application process, collateral, a credit check, or many of the other common factors that discourage business owners from applying for funding.

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